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CALL 2022


MAY 17, 2022

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ESTELAB, in its fourth edition, will select 6 feature film projects from Latin America and Europe


For registration, all projects must: 

  1. Complete the electronic form, which can be found at the following link: until 23:59 on 05/10/2022 (Lima time).

  2. Attach two (2) PDF files, one in Spanish and one in English 

  3. The registration of the projects will have no cost, if the project is selected the participation in the laboratory will have a cost of 75 USD. Said payment must be made within the established terms. If payment is not made within the established times, another competing project will be selected. The organization, according to its unappealable criteria, can grant full or partial scholarships. 


PDF files should be named as follows.



The documents must without exception weigh less than 10 MB and have the following information in the following order:

1. Cover: Cover art or free design that contains the tentative name of the film.

2. Project data: Name, country of origin, estimated duration, genre and category (documentary or Fiction), estimated total budget (blank sheet with centered information).

3. Short synopsis (maximum one page and a half)

4. Treatment (between 5 and 10 veneers).

5. Biofilmography of the director (maximum one page)

6. Biofilmography of the producer (maximum one page)

7. Budget summary and provisional financing plan in USD. 

8. State in which the project or critical route is found (At this point, the production strategy that will be carried out for the development of the project, obtaining financing and possible distribution projections must be recorded).

9. Project schedule, including estimated dates and development attempts,

pre-production, production, post-production, premiere and distribution.

10. Motivation of the director in relation to the project and participation in the laboratory (maximum one page).

11. Motivation of the producer to the project and the participation in the laboratory (maximum one page).

12. Additional information; support received, commitments made, possible national and/or foreign co-producers. Copies of letters of intent and/or financing agreements and any information considered relevant to the selection. (maximum three veneers)

Before completing the registration form, we recommend having a gmail account, reading the details of the bases and preparing the requested pieces. The form does not allow you to save your application and continue it at a different time, you must fill out the form in one go.

Deadline for the registration of projects: May 17, 2022 at 23:59 in Lima.

Contact email:

*The fourth edition of ESTELAB will be given in a hybrid way. The sessions directed exclusively to those selected to participate in the laboratory, will be given exclusively online in a synchronous manner. The public talks will be given face-to-face and online synchronously and will be broadcast through the Laboratory's channels, the recordings will be recorded and will be in the public domain.

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